Welcome Volunteers! A message from our Secretary General/CEO, Mr Benjamin William

Volunteer Information

You are here because you want to make a change. And you are at the right place. Volunteering is more than helping to improve and impact the lives of the needy. It is also about bringing some much needed cheer and relief to them. It is through the time and care of ordinary and altruistic people like you that we can do extraordinary things! 

Why volunteer with Singapore Red Cross

Anyone can volunteer. It doesn’t matter what your skills, experience or background are, or how much time you can give. Some volunteer work can even be done from home, at your own pace!

If you would like to be more involved with Singapore Red Cross and experience the power of humanity, sign up to be a member! Membership to Singapore Red Cross is open to anyone who adheres to the principles of Red Cross Movement and the Constitution of Singapore Red Cross Society. Members have the responsibility of ensuring a well functioning society by serving in various capacities within the Council, operating committees, and/or advisory panels.

Members/volunteers  can sign-up to attend Volunteer Induction in order to be equipped with the knowledge of the Red Cross Movement to serve the community with confidence and professionalism. No fees are required for this training. 

Log-in to Volunteer Portal to access available SRC Volunteering opportunities.

Don't forget to update your interests in volunteering roles and availability on My Interests and access the available events / volunteer recruitment via Events Page.

Volunteer Handbook

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Hear from our Volunteers

Discover the inspiring journey of Nicole, a dedicated volunteer and Volunteer Leader within our Young Hearts Programme at the Singapore Red Cross. In this heartfelt interview, Nicole opens up about her experience, the driving force behind her commitment, and the reasons that continuously fuel her passion to contribute and uplift the community. Join us in celebrating Nicole's dedication and learn more about how you can make a meaningful impact by becoming a part of the Singapore Red Cross volunteer family.

Join us in getting to know Mike, a valued member of our volunteer community and a Volunteer Leader in our esteemed First Aider on Wheels programme. Mike's incredible journey began right here at the Singapore Red Cross, where he embarked on his First Aid volunteering adventure. What started as a simple endeavor soon transformed into a profound passion and a dedicated mission to serve and uplift our community. Through his dedication and hard work, Mike has become a seasoned volunteer, an inspiration to many, and a driving force behind our First Aider on Wheels initiative. His commitment reminds us all of the transformative power of volunteering and the positive impact it can have on both individuals and the communities we hold dear. 

Meet Linda, a dedicated Volunteer Leader for our Elder Aid programme at the Singapore Red Cross. In this video, Linda shares her inspiring journey as a volunteer, highlighting her heartwarming experiences of befriending elderly beneficiaries. Linda's story is a testament to the profound impact volunteering can have on both the volunteers and the communities they serve. Through her interactions with the elderly beneficiaries, she has found a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment in her life. Join us as Linda opens up about the personal growth she's experienced through her volunteer work, and how these connections have enriched her life in ways she never expected. Her story reminds us of the incredible power of human connection and the difference we can make when we come together with compassion and empathy.