General Enquiry

How can I start volunteering with Singapore Red Cross?

Sign up as a volunteer at our Volunteer Portal ( Once the account is active, you may update your profile, volunteer roles interest, skills/licenses and availability; and begin your volunteering journey with us. You may also take up a paid membership with the Singapore Red Cross on a subscribing or lifetime basis.

I already registered as Volunteer / Member. What's next?

With an active account as Singapore Red Cross Volunteer/Member, you may log-in to the SRC Volunteer Portal and access all available volunteering opportunities based on your confirmed interests, skills, volunteer roles, and availability. Please make sure that you indicate all the volunteer roles that you are interested in to get notified. (MyInterest page in the Volunteer Portal).

Do you issue volunteering certificate or testimonial?

As a general practice, the Singapore Red Cross Society does not issue certificates of membership, testimonials, or provide endorsement of supporting documents for applications. We may, however, provide you with a Letter of Service Hours (LOSH) that indicates your total number of volunteering hours you have completed with the Singapore Red Cross.

You may download a copy of your LOSH via the Volunteer Portal

For any unrecorded volunteer hours, please contact your Programme/volunteer Manager or Email us at 

How can I secure a Singapore Red Cross volunteer T-shirt?

If the volunteer activity you are participating in requires you to be in the Singapore Red Cross Volunteer T-shirt, the staff in-charge will issue the t-shirt to all first-time volunteers before the start of the activity. If you require a replacement of a damaged or worn-out T-shirt, you may request from the activity's staff-in-charge before the date of deployment.

Volunteer Portal

How do I navigate the Volunteer Portal

Watch our quick tutorial on how to navigate our SRC Volunteer Portal

Why do some volunteering roles require uploading of certificate/ license or portfolio link?

Some volunteering roles (e.g. First Aider, Writer) require certain types of skills or experiences to perform the role and hence we would need the specific certificate/ license or portfolio link to be uploaded for verification.

Why is my certificate/ license rejected?

Your certificate/ license would be rejected if:

When will the “Pending” volunteering role be “Confirmed”?

After uploading the required certificate/ license or portfolio link, the staff will verify and approve it and the associated volunteering role will become “Confirmed”. The approval will take up to 10 working days. 

When will my volunteering/ training hours be credited?

The staff will usually mark the attendance within 2 weeks’ time and the volunteering/ training hours will be then credited to your volunteer profile accordingly. For urgent cases, please email the staff IC or to expedite the process.

How do I know if I am confirmed for the registered volunteering event?

Upon registering for the volunteering event in the Volunteer Portal, you will receive either a “Confirmation” or “Receipt of Interest” email. Your registration for the event is only confirmed if you receive a “Confirmation” email. You may also proceed to the Volunteer Portal (Settings > Manage Registration) to check the registration status.

Some of the volunteering events, such as Befriending or Tutoring, require selection by the staff (e.g. screening) and hence you will only receive a “Receipt of Interest” email. You will receive a confirmation email around 1-2 weeks before the event date if you are selected for this event. 

What do I do if I am unable to attend the registered event?

If you are unable to attend the registered slot(s), please proceed to Volunteer Portal (Settings > Manage Registration) to unregister the event slot(s). 

Volunteering Opportunity

What are the available group/corporate volunteering opportunity?

You may check the following links for information on SRC's group / corporate volunteering.  

For further enqueries and recommendations for your potential collaboration or engagement,  please send us an email at

Is there a time commitment to volunteer?

Time commitment depends on your availability. However, certain SRC Programmes and volunteer roles, especially those beneficiary-facing (i.e.  Befriender,  Tutor/Mentor, etc),  will require more regular commitment as it entails forming and maintaining relationships with beneficiaries.  Regular volunteering roles with no time commitment and ad-hoc volunteering roles are also available.

Further information will be given during the Volunteer Induction Sessions (VIS) by the Programme Managers and/or Volunteer Leaders.    

Must I be a certified First Aider in order to volunteer?

While it is not mandatory, all members are encouraged to sign up for the Standard First Aid + AED Provider course which is conducted by the Singapore Red Cross Academy (SRCA). 

Volunteers must be First Aid certified to volunteer in SRC’s first aid- related programmes (e.g. First Aider On Wheels programme, Community First Aid coverage, deployment abroad for overseas missions). 

For other events and programmes, SRC will provide briefings and specific training to ensure that volunteers are service-ready (equipped with necessary skill sets and knowledge) before deployment.

Can I volunteer first without completing the Volunteer Induction Session?

Volunteer Induction Session (VIS)  is mandatory for newly signed-up volunteers.  While the VIS is mandatory, it is not a prerequisite to start your volunteering journey with us.  You can sign up and volunteer at our events such as Flag Day, International Bazaar, World Blood Donor Day, etc.

These events do not require any specialised skill sets and volunteers are typically only required to attend a briefing session prior to the deployment. If you possess specific skill sets (e.g. first aid certified), you may start volunteering with SRC programmes while waiting for the next induction session. 

How can I be notified of volunteering opportunities?

There are two channels to find out about available volunteering opportunities

1) SRC Volunteer Portal

When you log in to the Volunteer Portal ( you will be able to view and register for upcoming volunteering opportunities.  Please ensure your profile details are updated (including licenses and certifications), and that you have selected the roles you are interested in volunteering as. This will provide you access to view and register for upcoming events / opportunities tailored to your volunteering interests. 

2) Email listing

Email is one of the main mode of communications SRC uses to communicate with our stakeholders. Once your registration is complete, you will be automatically added into our mailing list.  You will receive email updates on the latest happenings in SRC, and also upcoming training and volunteering opportunities for you to partake in. 

To avoid missing out on any email correspondence from Singapore Red Cross, you may want to whitelist


Is there any available training for volunteers?

An in-depth programme orientation and/or relevant programme-specific training will be made available to you. Some will require your commitment to the programme before training is provided. The Volunteer Management department, on the other hand, will only provide generic skill-based training and volunteer leadership training to qualified committed volunteers.

Is volunteer training FREE?

Most of the volunteer training, especially those provided by the Volunteer Management department (i.e. Volunteer Induction, Volunteer Skills Training, Volunteer Leadership) are free to attend - although some may require you to meet certain criteria before you can be accepted into the courses.

Some SRC programmes offer in-depth training to better prepare volunteers for their specialised deployment, whether locally or overseas.  Please check with your Programme Managers if payment is required.

What is the Volunteer Induction Session (VIS)?

Volunteer Induction Session (previously known as Basic Training) is the mandatory orientation for all newly signed-up volunteers. It is conducted at least once a month, and prepares you with information you need to  start your volunteering journey with us. 

This 2-hour orientation will acquaint you with the Singapore Red Cross (SRC), our services, programmes, volunteers' code of conduct, and the types of volunteering opportunities available. It is also an opportunity for you as a new volunteers to get to know other volunteers, share experiences, develop a well-knit and supportive climate and kickstart your volunteering journey with SRC.

VIS schedules are available at volunteer portal.

If I have already volunteered with the Red Cross/Red Crescent in other countries, do I still need to attend the Volunteer Induction Session (VIS)?

Yes. Although all national societies are part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, there are differences in the services, structure, culture, and code of conduct between each society. As such, if you are a new volunteer with the Singapore Red Cross (SRC), you will need to be acquainted with our programmes, guidelines, and practices as well.


Is SRC Membership open to all?

Yes. Membership to the Society is open to any person who adheres to the principles of the Red Cross Movement and SRC Constitution.

What are the types of Memberships?

Ordinary Membership (Paid Membership)

You need to be at least 18 years old and above in order to sign up as an Ordinary Member (OM). Ordinary Members shall be eligible to attend Annual General Meetings (AGM), speak, vote, nominate, second nominations, and hold elective office - provided they have attained their eighteenth birthday at the time of the AGM. 

Is payment required to complete my Membership application?

Yes, payment of the Membership Application Fee is necessary to register as an Ordinary Member. 

Your Membership Application will ONLY be processed, and subsequently forwarded for the SRC Council’s endorsement during the next available quarterly Council Meeting, after you have completed the Membership Application process.

How do I make payment of the Membership Application Fee?

Online Payment is available during  account creation as last stage of registration. You may pay by Credit or PayNow.  

Alternatively, if you are already a registered volunteer and interested to apply for Ordinary Membership: 

From Volunteer Portal: please click My Profile>Membership Details>Renew/Upgrade> Select Type of Membership then make an e-payment.

Please mail your cheque to Singapore Red Cross, 15 Penang Lane Singapore 238486  (Attention to Volunteer Management Department)

Kindly indicate "Membership Payment" at the back of the cheque.

Do ensure that you have sufficient cash as there will be no NETS or ATM available at the building.   If you are unable to make cash payment at the stipulated time slot, you may appoint a proxy (Family member or friend) to make payment on your behalf.

What will I get once my Membership application is approved?

Ordinary Members (Life Members & Subscribing Members) will receive a Membership Welcome Package via SingPost Registered Article delivery upon completion and approval of their Membership application by the SRC Council during its quarterly meetings.

The Membership Package include: 

Ordinary Members have the responsibility of ensuring a well functioning society by serving in various capacities within the Council, operating committees, and/or advisory panels; and attending the Annual General Meeting where you may speak, vote, nominate and hold an elective office.

Are there benefits being an SRC Member?

Members' Benefits Life Member Subscribing Member

Standard First Aid + AED 30% Training Fee Discount 15% Training Fee Discount

by Singapore Red Cross Academy

Psychological First Aid Training 50% Training Fee Discount 20% Training Fee Discount

by Singapore Red Cross Academy

Overseas Disaster Deployment Training 25% Training Fee Discount 10% Training Fee Discount

by Global Engagement Department

Retail Discount at Shop+ 40% One-Time Birthday Discount* –NIL

20% Discount on Regular-priced items* 20% Discount on Regular-priced items*

How can I start volunteering with Singapore Red Cross?

Sign up as a volunteer at our Volunteer Portal ( Once the account is active, you may update your profile, volunteer roles interest, skills/licenses and availability; and begin your volunteering journey with us. You may also take up a paid membership with the Singapore Red Cross on a subscribing or lifetime basis.