Our Services

Singapore Red Cross is dedicated to relieving human suffering, protecting human lives and dignity and responding to emergencies.

Our vast network of donors, volunteers, employees and partners contribute to our lifesaving mission by serving in the following services and programmes:

The elderly receives a series of social, community and health programmes to ensure their total wellness. 
The disabled are supported with food, home monitoring and transport services. We also run Singapore's only home for those with severe and multiple disabilities, and offer specialised day care services for clients who can go home to their families. 
Children and youth are given supplementary educational and enrichment programmes to nurture and empower them for a better tomorrow. 
Others who have fallen through the cracks are offered essential help in the interim via targeted aid, basic healthcare and social assistance. 

Community First Aid

Through the Community FirstAid programme, we mobilise First Aid volunteer teams for events ranging from the National Day Parade, Chingay Parade and Istana Open House to community sports events, family day carnivals, etc.
At the Singapore Red Cross, first aid duties are our way of protecting the community.
Currently, Singapore Red Cross provides more than 10,000 man hours of service every year, working with hundreds of certified First Aiders, among whom the champion could commit up to some 200 hours of service per year.
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Transport Aid

Singapore Red Cross’ TransportAid service helps the elderly and disabled from low-income homes get to and from their healthcare service facilities, such as medical treatments, rehabilitation and day activity centres. For many wheelchair-bound patients, getting to and from their medical appointments can be challenging, because of their limited mobility. For those struggling financially, the problem is exacerbated as commercially available private transport services are not economically feasible for the long term. With the TransportAid service, those in need will be able to access their lifesustaining care and treatment, which they may otherwise be unable to get to. With your help, we can do much more!
Elderly, Disabled

Family Life Aid

Family Life Aid aims to build social, emotional and financial resilience of vulnerable families in Singapore through a holistic network of programmes, with a strong focus on children.
Our volunteer befrienders not only provide food vouchers for families to put nutritious food on the table, they also provide weekly quality home-based tuition based on a structured curriculum for children aged nine to 12 to provide them with the opportunity to advance in life. Besides that, our volunteers also offer home-based storytelling for children aged four to eight years old to enhance their literacy and confidence in the English language during their formative years.
Elderly, Disabled, Children & Youth, Everyone else fallen through cracks

Elder Aid

ElderAid is a befriending and wellness programme that reduces vulnerability and enhances resilience, to achieve a community ageing-in-place.

We care for elders who live on their own.
Elderly, Disabled, Children & Youth, Everyone else fallen through cracks

Community Health on Wheels

Community Health on Wheels (CHoW) is a community-based mobile healthcare programme that brings free ancillary services and basic medical care to doorsteps in the heartlands.
CHoW is a volunteer-driven initiative that is supported by some 60 healthcare professionals from the nursing, allied health, social work and psychosocial sectors. They visit different parts of Singapore to provide essential services that complement the nation’s healthcare network, making medical support more accessible, and ensuring better continuity of care for patients.
Elderly, Everyone else fallen through cracks


Home Monitoring and Eldercare (HoME+) helps seniors living on their own, through a helpline that operates 24/7 for non-emergency situations, and a monitoring, alert and response system for home safety.  
Elderly, Disabled

Civil Emergency Response

Singapore Red Cross works to enhance community preparedness and strengthen resilience, to reduce the vulnerability during emergencies. During peacetime, we support civil and blood emergency exercises.
During emergencies, we play an auxiliary role to the Singapore government in response to disasters. We mobilise first aiders and blood donors to support government health services.
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International Services

When a disaster strikes, Singapore Red Cross assesses the situation and help those affected with immediate relief efforts by providing urgent aid (food, water, shelter etc). Our volunteers are trained to provide first aid, medical care, water and sanitation and psychosocial support. Teams would be deployed overseas within 48-72 hours after any disaster. We also work closely with Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and partners to support various services, such as:Relief DistributionMedical aidPsychosocial SupportWater and SanitationRestoring Family Links
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Red Cross Home for the Disabled - Day Activity Centre

We provide day care services to those who can return home to their loved ones in the evenings, providing respite for caregivers during the day. Our programme engages persons with disabilities in daily and community living skills, to maximise their independence. We offer social, recreational and therapeutic activities for our clients 
Elderly, Disabled

Red Cross Home for the Disabled - Residential Home

With a team of dedicated nursing professionals, therapy and healthcare aides, physiotherapists as well as occupational and speech therapists, we provide quality care to those who are unable to care for themselves due to their disabilities.
Elderly, Disabled

Blood Donor Recruitment Programme

The Singapore Red Cross was appointed the National Blood Donor Recruiter in 2001. Together with our partner-in-service, the Blood Services Group of the Health Sciences Authority, we aim to collect sufficient safe blood for the national transfusion needs.
We focus on three main functions in the National Blood Programme:> Recruitment, Retention and Recognition of blood donors> Promotion and Education on the importance of blood donation> Organisation of bloodmobile drives in the community
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Singapore Red Cross Academy

Singapore Red Cross supports the national goal of having a First Aider in Every Home.
Singapore Red Cross Academy conducts a wide range of standard and specialised First Aid courses for volunteers and the community, to empower them to respond to emergencies, at home and abroad. We also hold regular talks in communities and organisations to create awareness about the importance of first aid and to work towards the goal of having a first aider in every home
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